Where to Buy Cheap Electronic Cigarette

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Ever since the invention of smoking, various smoking-related diseases existed. People became more aware of the dangers of smoking. Some people tried to quit but they are experiencing smoking withdrawal that makes the situation worse. Thanks to our modern technology, a smoking device (electronic cigarette also known as e-cigarette) is invented that is smoke-free and much safer to use.

Why smokers need electronic cigarettes? Quitting smoking is not an easy thing to do. It takes time. It's just the same as losing weight. You cannot stop eating or else you will die of starvation. Quitting smoking takes time and it is practiced gradually by reducing the amount of cigarettes you smoke everyday until your body decided not to need smoking at all. This process takes a really long time, if you want something to help you quit smoking right away, electronic cigarettes will help you solve your dilemma.

How much is is it? Actually, the price of e-cigarettes varies from brand to brand, getting cheap electronic cigarettes is not always a good choice to make, because of the quality. Below we will list the best e cigs, which offer cheap options for smokers that seek cheap electronic cigarettes. You can also try disposable electronic cigarettes, its another cheap alternative to go with:

v2    V2cigs.com  – V2cigs is one of the best places to buy yourself a cheap electronic cigarette. What's good about this store is they are always sale so you can additional discounts on these cheap e-cigarettes. You have lots of options to choose from and their flavors are superb. Their American tobacco blend and Turkish tobacco are one of the must-try flavors. They ship internationally so no matter where you are, you have a v2cigs e-cigarette. They just don't sell plain e-cigars with a set of flavors that you can try, they have different designs from something that looks like an ordinary cigar, spare batteries to a classic looking tobacco minus the smoke! If you are a collector, they also sell various limited editions and they have plenty of options for you. In fact, you can buy a starter kit for as low as $25 compared to other stores that will charge you $40 for a simple starter kit.

greensmoke    Greensmoke.com – Greensmoke is another place to buy cheap electronic cigarettes. When you first visit their page, they will offer you an additional discount of $10 if you subscribed to their mailing list (expect a lot of promotion e-mails going to your inbox). I find their starter kits to be a little expensive compared to v2cigs, the lowest that you can get is $99.99 but the good thing is you get more items. This kit is recommended for smokers who want to use them in a long term basis. Like V2cigs, they also sell accessories like extra batteries, chargers and cases. They also have various flavors offered like vanilla, sweet chocolate, mint, mocha and various tobacco flavors that you can try.

Buying a cheap electronic cigarette for people who are just starting to quit smoking is highly recommended. If you want to know more about these two stores, you better check their websites. And also, do not forget to read consumer reviews so you can decide which store is better to buy e-cigarettes.

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