The Best E-Cigarette Starter Kits

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Electronic cigarettes are growing in popularity with several brands competing for the top position of best e-cigarette producer. All e-cigs are produced in varying kits but there is a similarity in the contents of starter kits from all brands. For example, the rechargeable batteries accompany the e-cigarettes in starter kits from all electronic cigarette manufacturers.

vaporzonestarterkitsIrrespective of the manufacturer, the e-cigarette starter kits normally include the e-cig battery and charger as well as the flavour cartridges. The most important part of the starter kits to consider when purchasing is definitely the battery and charger because they are the only parts of the starter kit that get to be re used for a long time.

Companies like V2 Cigs, Vapor Zone, Green Smoke, and South Beach Smoke are the leading manufacturers of electronic cigarettes and accessories. V2 has the best e-cig starter kits with the cheapest being the Beginners Kit retailing at $34.95 and includes 5 cartridges, one battery and one USB charger. With other advanced starter kits like the V2 Standard Kit, V2 Standard Plus Kit, V2 Couples Kit and the V2 Ultimate Kit; V2 has created an edge over other e-cig manufacturers.

The V2 e-cigarette starter kits can even be purchased at great discounts using the V2 Coupon codes. The coupon codes offer 15% discount on all V2 starter kits and are easily available on the V2 e-cig website. Using the code to access the discounts is as easy as filling it in the required option on the shopping cart and the discount is deducted from the original amount of the starter kit. Customers can save a good amount of money for all starter kit purchases by taking advantage of these coupon codes.

To clearly demonstrate why V2 e-cigs is the leading electronic cigarette brand, the only exclusive ladies’ brand Vapor Couture was developed by the company. This stylish brand of vapor cigarette is elegantly designed and carries accessories that blend with the V2 e-cigarette technology. The brand is available in a variety of flavors developed to match the cigarette brand of choice. V2 has also designed unique women accessories like the Charger kit, Clutch and card adaptor.

Just like other V2 e-cig products, Vapor Couture is available in ranging nicotine levels up to a high of 1.8% from a low of zero nicotine. V2 cigs also has a lifetime Warranty on all electronic products and it is widely known for a reliable and efficient customer care department who attend to customers’ queries round the clock. The V2 e-cigarettes have transformed many smokers to quit or cut down smoking by a big percentage. You can compare V2 Cigs most popular starter kits below:


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